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The Maple Leaf Digital Innovation team is comprised of a diverse team of software developers, UI/UX designers, technology enthusiasts, creative leaders, business analysts, and videographers that foster innovation and collaboration.

The goal of every cohort is to design, develop, and deploy brand new, user-centric apps aimed at improving Maple Leaf Foods’ operations, through efficiency and cost savings.

Meet our Team

At its heart, Digital Innovation is the application of new technologies to existing business practices. It changes the business landscape at breakneck speeds. Our Hackathon students invent completely new engagement models, keeping Maple Leaf Foods competitive not just in the digital age, but on every front.

Andreas Liris
"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people."- Steve Jobs.
Marie-Claude Vezina
V.P Digital Innovation
The Digital Innovation Barn is the best place for driven, passionate and avid learners.
Sravanti Mudunuri
UX Analyst (LT)
Matthew Bitter
Sr. Analyst
Dustin Shreeve
Analyst (LT)

Spring 2017

Rory Nitti

Andre Tran

Vincent Landolfi

Joshua Simpson

Winter 2017

Umer Nawed

Rory Nitti

Ayser Choudhury

Sandy Li

Fall 2016

Umer Nawed

Daniel Anania


Exilia Han

Edede Oiwoh

Bhupesh Bhatia

Lawrence Young

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Our campus recruitment team is in touch with multiple universities and colleges throughout Ontario. If you are interested in joining our team, please consult your University/College's co-op office or career centre for job postings for our Digital Innovation team, or visit us at our main corporate website for other co-op job postings.

We are interested in candidates who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree with a computer science, business, or design-related focus.

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